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This is the 2007 Season Archive of news from around the yard at Rose Cottage Riding School.  We arrange it by season so that each page doesn't get so big that those with slower Internet access find it hard to view.  As with the main page it is arranged in reverse order, starting with the Vet's visit in the Autumn of 2007 at the bottom of this page and ending with the onset of the good weather of 2008 here at the top.  We hope you enjoy looking through it.

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Looking forward to Summer...

Well, looking backward really and a tad wistfully too, whilst we're waiting for the better weather!  Here's an interesting shot from the height of last summer with Cagney, taking in the sea view; Cleo hoping the camera might be a treat and Hamlet, rather more phlegmatically, getting on with life and eating! A lovely, typical horsy scene to get us all in the right mood!

In the over-wintering stalls...

Although the horses all get fed and exercised regularly throughout the winter they have their own 'hotel' accommodation during the winter months.  The grass in the fields cannot support them all so they are given hay and any other necessary supplements in their stalls where they are untethered, in their own space and under cover. That way they are kept sheltered from the worst of the weather that we can get here in the Northern part of Eire and at the same time they can move around.  The design of our overwintering facilities is such that the horses can all see and 'talk' to each other and they are very comfortable. Here is Joey (a Connemara pony) looking cute and using his prime position at the end of one of the blocks of stalls to keep an eye out for opportunities for a little attention and possibly to get some (more) treats from those working on the yard!

Winter arrived with a bit of a bang this year!

Well, we were to have had a jumping day on the 4th January - before the children went back to School - but it had to be cancelled!  Just a minor problem with a little snow for a day or so!  However there's a silver lining to every cloud (they say!) so these pretty pictures might prove to be of interest.  As well as that and never wanting to miss the chance of some food on such a morning, the donkeys actually stand still for a photo! Not a good day for riding but at least the insulation of the cottage seems to be very sound - and, come to think of it, so does that of the donkey's coats!



2008 started with our working horses rugged up

Now that the colder weather is to be expected, those of our horses that are in-work - and a few of the others too - have started the New Year all rugged up and cosy; though, as usual, some naughty ones have already managed to trash their clothes!  Best mates Harvey and Ivan have been moved back from their temporary accommodation at the Vet's facility and are here shown having breakfast together.  Patrick and Music will be moved back shortly when it is judged that their weaning is complete. 

Little Ivan is now a bit of a local celebrity because as well as being one of the stars of our own on-line Christmas card this year, he also was a star at the very popular local Live Crib held nearby in Carndonagh just before Christmas.  This was a re-enactment of the Christmas nativity scene, complete with live animals and a stable. It took place on Sunday, December 23rd, at the entrance to the local church. This was the only Live Crib to be staged in Co Donegal and it proved to be immensely popular.  If you saw the event and, like everyone else, thought Ivan was cute, why not come and see him again in the Spring when the weather has improved a bit?  He might be bigger by then...

Harvey and Ivan enjoy an early breakfast. (December 2007)

Hmmm, how big will Ivan be by the Spring?

Winter approaches

During the winter when the weather is bad and the grass is hardly growing, the majority of the horses in Ireland are kept under cover. Some, like Domino, are hardy souls and they can live out, well rugged of course and the grass that is available is useful to them.  Our winter arrangements for the others are such as to allow the horses to over-winter undercover where they can move around, see each other and even lie down, all whilst untethered.  This autumn, even though the temperatures had not by then been very low, the wind and rain had been so bad that we were delayed a week or so in getting some of our new over-wintering facilities up and working.  As a result and just to be safe, our four youngsters were temporarily accommodated at our vets some 20kM away in one of her huge loose boxes there.  We are very grateful to Anne for this very kind offer of help. Here you can see Harvey, nearly 12/13hh now, even at 5-6 months old; Patrick about 11hh at 6 months old; Music 9-10hh at about 7-8 months old and little Ivan our new 5 month old donkey and star of our on line 2007 Christmas card.  Also to be seen are some of the existing stalls at Rose Cottage with Scarlett Harkin's horse Joey already taking up the 'prime slot' with the best view of what's going on on the yard! Just scroll the picture bar left or right using the arrows to see all the pictures here.

Note though that there are thirteen pictures here so it may be necessary first to wait until loading has completed and then to click the left arrow before the right hand one in order to see all the pictures. We apologise for this 'strange' feature of the MS FrontPage Photogallery.!! Please do persevere.. It does work, honest!


Patrick standing still for a change!

Our Stallions...

Visitors rarely get to see our Stallions because let's face it, stallions are not really Riding School 'material' if you know what we mean..  However, that doesn't mean that they don't play their part to the full at the yard! Between them, our Stallions have been responsible for the up and coming generation at Rose Cottage.  We've not placed their pictures on this site before now and that's a bit of an omission.  So, here is 'Forestview Dun Woody or 'Woody' to those around him.

Woody (5 years old in 2008) is 14.1hh and is a Registered Connemara. He was bred by Robert Watters. His father is Forestview Sparrow and his mother is Song of Easter. Kate, jointly with a friend, Jo Gallagher, bought Song of Easter (stable name Easter) at a sale in 2006 to retire her as she was then 29 years old. (Yes, she gave birth to Woody at age 25!!).  Sam(antha), Kate's daughter rides Woody most days and even jumped him a little at our last jumping day.

Some time ago we also used to have Dandy (he was 10 years old in 2008) but he was sold in early 2008.   Also 14.1hh he is a Registered Piebald a black and white coloured (piebald) horse. He produced superb youngsters with fantastic temperaments, he was sire to Kate, Cooper and of course to Patrick who was born in June 2007. Patrick is a bit of a 'mascot' for this web site because that was started just after he was born. We miss Dandy, he helped our business a lot. These photos here are of our Farrier, Paddy, trimming Dandy's feet and of Dandy's interest in hay! 


Woody warming up.

Our Farrier Paddy giving Dandy a trim.

Dandy again.

Dandy's bed head!

Enter Harvey and his new pal, Ivan!

Rose Cottage's owner, Kate bought a beautiful foal from the Raphoe sales toward the end of 2007.  He is Clydesdale Cross, then five months old and he's called Harvey. He may have had a bit of a stressful time being weaned and sold soon after, but he's certainly come to the right place now.  He's clearly going to be spoilt rotten. Everyone has fallen in love with him, because he gives them 'hugs' when they go to him, by resting his head on their shoulder!

Then, only a few days after Harvey came to Rose Cottage, we had ANOTHER arrival!! This time it was Ivan, Harvey's new 'best friend'. Ivan is a donkey who was then also only 5 months old!  He has been sharing a stable with Harvey and he is so cute. There is a picture of him here with Harvey and two of him being coaxed by Kate into going for a walk.  Some think he isn't too pleased with his appalling pink head collar!!

Click on the left or right arrows to see the thumbnail of choice and then click on it to see the relevant larger picture below:


Harvey aged 5 months

Two friends, Jacob and Biggles!

Our horses don't do any work until they are old enough, so that means that visitors sometimes don't see some of our up and coming stars who are behind the scenes.  Jacob and Biggles are two real characters who have been together since they were very young. When this was being written they were in the field in front of the cottage (we had them there last winter too) and it's lovely to sit and watch them play for hours. They will be 3 years old in 2008 and were gelded in early October 2007. Jacob is the black one, he's a Fell pony.  Rose Cottage's owner Kate, owns his grandfather (David) who in 2007 was 22 and semi-retired, his mother (Emma) who was then 18 and his father (Teazle, now gelded) 6 years old! All four of them are Registered Fells.   Biggles however is a Registered Connemara, and was bred by Gabriel Roddy, by Sire Linsfort Barney out of Dunally Daffodil.

Just click on the thumbnail of choice to see the relevant larger picture below:


Biggles with Jacob behind.

Our Farriers
One of our Farriers, Patrick Mc Loughlin recently took a look at our four donkeys' feet ..

Here are two shots of him with Blackie and with the others, rather bored, lined up and waiting their turn... You have to look closely but there clockwise from Blackie are Pepsi (nearly hidden), Ballnally and Minnie. Our 'wonkeys' can really be quite comical at times..

How about this for a caption for the second one?: "Well, I'll have this one looked at too if you don't mind.."  But...if you have a better one do let us know and we'll publish it.

Here is our other Farrier, Dan O'Donnell from Castlederg, in our back stalls first shaping and then fitting a set of shoes on Valco, one of the horses belonging to recent Greenacres winner Sam(antha) McDermott. At the same time and in another stall, Dan's helper, John, can be seen trimming the feet of a customer's donkey. Never a dull moment at Rose Cottage Riding School.

Our Vet
In the early autumn of 2007 we had one of our regular visits from our Vet, Anne Scott.  She was here to mark all the ponies for Registration and to give them their annual 'flu and tetanus jabs (that's strictly speaking their anti-'flu and anti-tetanus jabs of course!!) and to make sure that they are all micro-chipped. Sadly, horses do get stolen even in Ireland and having a microchip and advertising it, is an important means both for the prevention of theft and a way to be able to find them again. In the pictures below you can see Anne going from horse to horse making sure the records are all carefully taken and checking that the contents of the microchip can be read. Some, like little Patrick (only born 3 or 4 months previously in this photo) were having this done for the very first time and they were not too keen as you can see from his four square stance in the corner! For the others though it was just another vet's visit and a chance for yet more attention...!

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