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 Best with Broadband

Do you like our Slideshow?  Well, now you can have it as a Screensaver!

Yes, the Slideshow may be downloaded for use on your own PC as a Screensaver or simply used as a slideshow on your own PC.  All you need to do is download the file "Rose Cottage Screensaver.scr" by following the information below and place it in the folder of your PC where all other screensavers are located.

The file replicates the Malinriding web site Slideshow which has 50 slides and so it is rather large.  In fact it has a file size of about 3.9MB and therefore as a download it is probably more suited for those with Broadband or an accelerated Internet connexion.

 Best with Broadband

Procedure for downloading the Rose Cottage Screensaver to your PC. 

1. Locate and open the folder on your PC where Screensaver files are kept.  In most cases this will be one of the following

Windows NT/2000:  C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32
Windows 95/98/ME - C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM
Windows XP & Vista: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32

2. Just to be sure check that the selected folder contains (amongst other things) files of type 'Screensaver' or files having a ".scr" extension.
Tip: When looking in that folder sort the display by file type - then all .scr files will be listed together

3. Download the Rose Cottage Screensaver file  by Right Clicking on the word "Download©" below and (if using Internet Explorer as a Browser) selecting Save Target As and save it into the System Folder identified above. Note that this file is NOT zipped so it does not need to be unpacked. Just save it in the above folder.


[NB If you are using a browser other than IE or Thunderbird then the save procedure may be slightly different.  For example choose 'Save Link As' in FireFox. In Google Chrome all you need do is Left click on the word Download© above and the Screensaver file will be automatically downloaded into the temporary files area and it can then be copied from there to the screensaver folder.]

4. Now, right click on a blank area of your desktop. In the drop down menu, choose "Properties" (It's called "Personalize" in Vista),  select the Screen Saver tab or entry and select "Rose Cottage Screensaver" as your active screensaver.  NB If you prefer you can also set this via the Control Panel.

That's all there is to it!  We do hope you will enjoy using it. 


Please note:  The Rose Cottage Screensaver is the Copyright of Rose Cottage Riding School and is only provided for your own personal use and only on the understanding that it will not be sold or copied, opened up or any of its images extracted for other uses.  Downloading the file to your PC indicates your legal acceptance of this condition.  If you have any difficulty installing the Screensaver, or if you only have a slow Internet connexion and would like to receive the screensaver on CDROM, do feel free to contact our webmaster for help.

© Rose Cottage Riding School, 2009.  All rights reserved.

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