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This is our customer page
8 Season - Customer Page
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Riding lessons, Jumping lessons, Beach rides, Schooling horses, Showing and winning prizes and rosettes, Charity hacks, Gymkhanas, Fun days at Halloween, Christmas and St. Patrick's Day, our Pony Group for younger riders, Visits to other horse establishments, Overcoming nervousness, Having your own horse kept at Livery and getting AIRE qualifications are just the start of it. Scroll down this page and visit our other pages to see some of the things we get up to!  There are links at the top and bottom of this page...

We think we offer the best riding experience in the Malin area for children, adults, novices and experienced riders.

  Why not come and try Rose Cottage Riding School and have some of the same fun too?... 

Santa's visit again this year was most welcome.  He came with his excellent Elf-Assistant to visit our riders in the outdoor school, to say hello and to wish all on the yard the very best for Christmas and the New Year.  Here are some pictures.


Santa arrives at Rose Cottage with Jimmy Long Socks!

Halloween 2008 was duly celebrated at Rose Cottage Riding School this year with the usual bit of fun.  This time though it started the day before with a birthday party for Anne Scott's daughter Jill. We are good at parties! Have a look at these pictures of some of our riders and horses at Halloween time.

In early October 2008 the Parsons family came to Rose Cottage again and shortly afterwards father Dermot sent us these images with the following kind message.
They show Megan and Alice all enjoying themselves and riding confidently and some of another visitor to us that day, Lydia.

  However much it may feel like a tough slog by the end of the week, be assured that you make some people very happy!  Throughout the time between our visits now, we hear an awful lot about the fun that has been had, and the countdown to the next visit. I sent some pictures to Lydia, a couple of which are attached, and also have some that show me the enjoyment your stables brings. Regards, looking forward to Hallowe'en. Dermot

The Parsons' day out. Alice, and Megan with another rider in the group - Lydia.

At the end of September we had a visit from Martina and Ciara from Dsseldorf. Here are two pictures of Ciara on Emma and a short message from Martina following their visit.

  At the end of September my daughter Ciara rode a pony at Rose Cottage. Here are the promised photos of this rainy, but exciting afternoon : - )  Many thanks and kind regards from Martina and Ciara

Ciara on Emma

You might think that beach rides are really only for those who are already competent riders and it's certainly true that cantering through the shallows or along Five Finger Strand does require you to have the necessary experience.  However, given enough notice, proper attention to the tides and an availability of helpers to lead the horses, even those who have never ridden before can experience something of the thrill of a ride on the beach.  At Rose Cottage Riding School we are only minutes away from Trawbreaga Bay and these few shots show a group of new comers to riding experiencing the quietness of and wonderful views from, the beach.  Even a recent passing shower doesn't affect access to this wonderful part of the Inishowen peninsula. Why not come and give it a try?


A group of newcomers to riding and the horse leaders taking the short trip to the Bay


We had a beach ride the other day along with Sam and Zuko.  These shots of that ride show some lovely photos of the views over the bay to the Ise of Doagh and of Lagg beach itself but first we see Sam bringing in Tabs for Chris and Teazle for Max.  Sarah (the Skewbald) was Nick's steed. They were all here in Inishowen for a short holiday break and, to judge from Chris's accompanying e-mail (in the box below), they all enjoyed their time at Rose Cottage.  We are grateful to Chris for sending us such a super set of photos that really bring out the reason why you too should come to Rose Cottage Riding School for a riding break - after all, where else can you ride in such a lovely place?
Hi there, Thanks again for the ride and taking us to the beach we had a great time, will definitely come again when we are back in Ballyliffin. Have attached some photos we took for your website! Chris

Sam bringing in Tabs and Teazle

Sam bringing in Tabs and Teazle

Nick and his horse Sarah waiting for him

The view!

The view again...

Before mounting up...

Before mounting up...

Max on Whisper, waiting for the others

Chris, before mounting up...

Ready for the off...

Ready for the off...

The 'busy' roads of Donegal...

Nearly at the beach...

Nearly at the beach...

Jolly crowded here!...

Where else can you ride a beach like this?

Such a lovely day...

More of the view

and again...

and again...

and again...

and again...

and again...

back off the beach...

more busy roads...

and views...

and again...

back at the yard...

everyone had a lovely time...



In August, at a lesson for young riders who had not ridden before, we were joined by holiday makers Callum and Connor from Skelmorlie in Scotland. They were riding Teazle and Bailey and they had such a fantastic time the first time they rode that they booked to come back again!  Callum rode George the second time. The other riders on that lesson were two of our 'locals', Niamh riding Sarah and Chloe riding Charm, with another holiday visitor, Ellen who joined us from Belfast. Also to be seen in the shots below are our leading helpers who always take great care with newcomers to riding.

Callum on Teazle, ready to go

Callum, on Teazle with Maeve leading

Ellen on Charm being led by Rona.

Callum on Teazle being led by Meave, Ellen on Charm being led by Rona and Connor on Bailey being led by Jasmine.

Connor on Bailey being led by Jasmine (Jaz)

Ellen riding Charm

Connor on Bailey being led by Jasmine.

Callum on Teazle followed by Chloe on Charm and Connor on Bailey.

Callum on Teazle

Ellen on Charm being led by Rona

Connor on Bailey being led by Jaz.

Connor riding Bailey

Niamh on Sarah, Connor on Bailey, Callum on Teazle Chloe on Charm

Callum on George this time with Chloe on Charm

Niamh on Sarah, Connor on Bailey, Callum on George and Chloe on Charm.

In July we had some young people visit us for a lesson.  Here are just a few pictures showing how easily youngsters take to riding when given the opportunity to have a go.


Michael on George, Jack on Bailey

A lovely June Sunday morning hacking out with Kate, around the Bay. Here we have left to right, Diane on Domino, Katie on Zuko, Jennifer on Sarah and Max on Skip. Domino missing her grazing by the look of it!


Left to right Diane (Domino) and Kate (Zuko)


The Kennedy Family came for a ride one day in June 2008 and later sent us these pictures and this comment afterwards.


Hi Kate, as promised sending you the snaps taken of the girls. Thanks again for a great ride, they have not stopped talking about it since they got home. Hope you have a good summer and the weather stays good for you. Best wishes, Sadie Kennedy


Chelsea was riding Miller and her friend Sadie (in pink), rode Teazle. Sam was on the chestnut, Crooked , Chloe rode Bailey

Just two of our liveries. Rose Cottage Riding School has several horses kept by their owners at livery on the yard .  Some are working liveries - where the horse is also used by the School and some are private ones.  Here on the top row, we see Ellen riding her own horse Clio and, on the lower row, Lydia riding her working livery Sarah during one of the times when she is over in Donegal from England.  Clio is currently in foal after very recently being covered by our own stallion Woody. We hope to be able to report on a 'happy event' in around eleven months' time!

How about this as a place for a beach ride? This is 'Five Finger Strand', the beach where we go for our beach rides.  It's sometimes hard to appreciate the beauty of the beach from ordinary pictures taken at ground level so we thought we'd show these pictures taken from higher up both of the beach and of Glasheady Island out to sea..  Could there be a better place for a beach ride? If you are a sufficiently experienced rider then do come to Rose Cottage Riding School and have a canter here.


Anyone for a beach ride?


In early June, 2008 Mike Harkin and his partner Liz were here in Donegal for a short break. Mike's sister-in-law (Diane) took them both to Rose Cottage so that her daughter Scarlett could show them her own horse Joey and, while they were there, Diane asked if they would like to have a lesson, Mike said 'Yes', but Liz was rather frightened of the ponies.  Nevertheless lessons were booked for both just in case Liz changed her mind - or could be persuaded.  She was persuaded but by the next morning was very nervous.  But, by the end of her very first lesson, she was loving it and even booked another lesson before they went home!   She is now even hoping to find a riding school near where they live in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. Diane says she hopes she'll find one as good as Rose Cottage. Thanks to all for this lovely example of just how a nervous rider can get hooked on riding when taught by the right person.

11.2hh to 17.2hh !!

Here is everyone involved on the Harkin day! From the left: Liz, Diane, Scarlett, Chloe, Ellen, Sam and Katie

Liz on Charm

Liz on Charm all on her own

Liz on Charm

Liz on Charm really getting the hang of it

Mike on Tabs

Mike on Tabs

Mike on Tabs really going...

Mike on Tabs

Now as it should be done

Diane's daughter Scarlett on Joey

Around the end of May we had a visit from Thomas Kearney and Brooke.  They joined a ride and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Afterwards Brooke sent us some pictures  and added



"Cant wait to get back there soon!"



Hats on..



22nd May 2008  We had a lovely party of visitors from the UK on this Thursday in May and, very kindly, they sent us this message and a host of photographs, afterwards:


"Amazing location and wonderful staff, a thoroughly enjoyable ride" Tom, Nottingham UK
"Back in the saddle after 40 years, thanks for making it so easy" Caroline (60), Newark UK
Thanks again for a lovely ride on the 22nd May.  I've attached some photos for you..

From left to right in the first photo the names of our guests and the horses they are seen later to be riding are:
At the back:
James (on Sarah), Thomas (on Domino), and in the front, Caroline (on Charm) and Lucy (on Tabs)




18th May 2008  On this particular Sunday we were delighted to welcome three American ladies over in Donegal and staying with the Rev Lynn Cairns.  They had come to us to have a ride, English fashion, before going back to the States.  The girls are Titi, Karen and Kalli and afterwards we had this e-mail from the Rev Cairns :

Katie, The girls loved meeting you and had a ball on their ride.  Thank you for taking so much time with them.  Titi and Kalli have gone back home.
You've got a great operation. Dottie Cairns

Getting ready to ride

From left to right, Titi, Karen and Kalli

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