Here's Patrick (with Cooper - and a friend) in 2010 !!
Best with Broadband

Dedicated Rose Cottage aficionados will probably have been following the progress of ('Little') Patrick and will have seen him as he was in June 2009 here.  On this page are some of him in 2010 when he was just three.  What a change.  He will now come up to humans without the need for any encouragement and won't run away at the last moment.  He has also developed his mother's (Domino) penchant for mints...Surprise surprise.  Not only that but doesn't he look handsome?  He's really come on and looks much more in proportion than he was and his colouring is marvellous.

The pictures here were taken of him in his field near Malin Head which he shares with Cooper and, at the time of these pictures, with an unknown visitor from an adjacent field too!!  You can see he has a lot of Domino about him!!


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