Patrick's & Music's 2009 Page!!
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Here we show some pictures (and a short video) of Patrick and Music taken in June 2009.  Patrick is the unusually coloured (painted) colt out of our cob mare Domino and by one of our former coloured stallions, Dandy Patrick was born just as this web site was being set up and the image of him at two days old is still used on our front page.  There are some early pictures of him - and a video clip or two - of him as a new born foal - on our foals and foaling page but here are some pictures of him taken just after his second birthday.  He shares a field with Music - a filly born some 6 weeks before him in 2007 to Roxy one of our mares.  Music is quite hard to photograph because she is so 'friendly' and nudges the camera at every opportunity!

There are quite a few pictures here so the page may take a little time to load properly.  These pictures and the video were all taken on one day at the end of July 2009.  Hover your mouse over a thumbnail to read any caption.  Not all pictures have them however. In October 2009 Patrick's dam Domino was taken to over winter in Patrick and Music's field.  They had not met since Patrick was weaned!  Would they recognise each other? You can read a little about their meeting up again here.  You can also see how much he had changed by June 2010 here.




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